New and Improved Two Column Layout

Two column layouts are all the rage on the internet right now. Twitter did it. Hashable did it.  Even facebook thought about doing it. It’s a great way to consume content, but most current implementations have some serious limitations:

  1. There is a clear and predefined relationship between the two columns - One columns is the parent, and the other is the child. This relationship limits the amount of content available in the lesser of the two panels. Most implementations limit the height of the child column to the height of the browser window and use an overflow for additional content.
  2. Navigation is inconsistant – The page will react differently depending on which browser element is in focus. Because the child column usually uses overflow for extra content, scrolling up or down does not guarantee getting any additional content located in that direction in both columns.

I’ve built a proof of concept demo of a two column layout with no hierarchy between the columns.

You can check it out here.

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