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Does Social Media Make Us Stupider?

There is a lot of debate as to whether the internet makes us smarter or dumber. I’ve always argued that the internet increases our intelligence. It certainly makes us more knowledgeable, and while there is a certain level of intelligence necessary to grasp knowledge, it is our knowledge-base that allows us to act intelligently. It’s a classic Chicken-Egg Situation, […]

Email Isn’t Going Anywhere

Yesterday Sheryl Sandberg proclaimed that “email is probably going away” because teenagers don’t it as their primary mode of social communication. It’s not. Here’s why:

3 Ways To Guarantee I’ll Never Work For You

It’s not easy to find developer in New York. At the moment, this city does not have enough technical talent. I think this will change quickly as NYU leads a charge for universities to become more involved in the startup scene, but as things stand, there are lot of business guys, a lot of ideas, […]

Ambiguous Pricing Sells Businesses Short

Last night I went to grab some late night pizza with my friend Matt. (It was technically May 6th, so I no longer felt obligated to eat tacos.) There was no posted menu, so when we got the front of the line, I decided to ask about the price difference between a plain slice and […]