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How Yipit Deploys Django

This post is republished from the Yipit Django Blog If you’re managing your own servers, and you don’t use a tool like Chef, you’re crazy. It’s just that simple. We’ve been using Chef here at Yipit for about 6 months, and when I think about provisioning a new server with our old load book, I cringe. […]

“Read in Store” Needs More Stores

Barnes and Nobel announced a potentially awesome feature for NOOK this morning: “Read in Store” – the ability to read any ebook while you’re in a brick and mortar Barnes and Nobel location. I qualify this feature as potentially awesome because at the moment, it’s a pretty slim offering. I can already read pretty much any ebook I want […]

Can JumpPost Make Renting Less Terrible?

When you want to rent in New York city, there is no way to get a comprehensive list of available apartments. You usually have to go through a broker, but most brokers are incompetent at best and completely unethical on average. The alternative is craigslist, but the listings are mostly fake; they are just a […]

I’m Starting a Blog (Part III)

For the third time this week, I’m making my first blog post. Earlier this week, I started a blog on Squarespace. I was really impressed with their product. They have a great JavaScript interface that overlays your site, and allows you to make changes on the fly. The admin is essentially baked into the front-end […]